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So you’ve created a blog, probably for class, and you’ve started posting content. Now you’re hoping someone will read it. How do you get people to notice your blog? That’s one of the most common questions I get from my students. Here are the suggestions I give my students to get them started (note: you should have 3-5 posts up before you start promotion). 

1. At least some of the time, create original content, not just links to news stories or “I agree with so-and-so” posts. Examples:

  • Conduct an interview (usually via e-mail; make sure the person knows it’s for publication on your blog)
  • Summarize blog conversation on a timely and relevant issue with links to the various posts
  • Create a top-10 list relevant to your blog’s purpose
  • Present “how-to” information: how to look for an internship, write a poem, etc.
  • Do an informal survey and post the results
  • Choose headlines carefully so that they are descriptive and use tags and categories or keywords to help people find/notice your post.

2. Start to build a community.

  • Include many outbound links in your posts (links to other bloggers posting about the same subject as your blog)
  • Post comments on other blogs, using your blog’s URL when you sign in
  • E-mail a note to another blogger to call attention to your latest post; make sure it’s someone who has demonstrated interest in that subject before and use this tactic selectively.
  • Include your URL on your e-mail signature, Facebook or MySpace page, etc.

3. Remember that a blog is a conversation. 

  • Sign up for Feedburner, Google Analytics, and/or Technorati to help you track progress—all are free. When these sites show that someone has linked to you, follow the link back to their blog to see what they’ve written and post a comment thanking them for the link or adding more information.
  •  When you get a comment, respond back on your blog with another comment (we’re going for dialogue). Make sure your blog is set up to tell you when you receive comments, so you can respond as soon as possible. In addition, start watching that person’s blog and comment on their posts if you find one that interests you.
  • Use a social bookmarking site like delicious to help you manage content with tags.

I (and my students) welcome any other suggestions or additions to this list!


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